Expert Medical Opinion

The expert medical opinion service of Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin offers you access to our highly specialized physicians without having to make an appointment in one of our clinics or the need to travel. You can conveniently request your expert medical opinion online in just a few minutes. Charité has experts in all medical specialties, who will take over the detailed assessment of your case. If you have received an initial diagnosis and have specific medical questions, our physicians can independently review your medical documents, answer your questions or can indicate whether a planned surgery is recommended. The expert medical opinion is exclusively based on the medical reports and radiological images that you will submit with your request. After a thorough review, you will receive a written report that answers your medical questions, points out other treatment options, or recommends further examinations to confirm a diagnosis.

Six steps to an expert opinion

  1. At charité.digital, you can request an expert medical opinion and pay for it online. To make the request, you must create a samedi patient account. If you have already registered for a samedi patient account, you can also submit the request using this account.

  2. After a successful booking, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and a request to fill out a patient form provided in your samedi patient account.

  3. You fill out the form and upload your current medical reports and radiological images. After submission, the entire records are securely transmitted to Charité.

  4. The team of the expert medical opinion will review your received documents and forward them to the best suitable physicians.

  5. After thorough review of your case, the expert medical opinion is provided in the form of a written report.

  6. You will receive the expert medical opinion as a PDF in your samedi patient account.

Request a expert opinion now

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Obtaining an expert opinion via is only possible with the creation of a samedi patient account. For the samedi patient account the general terms and conditions of samedi GmbH as well as their data protection information apply.
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  • The price depends on whether you would like your radiological images to be evaluated by our experts and whether you would like to have the final report in German or English. The specific prices for your request can be found in the price list.
  • We use the online payment service PayPal to handle the payment process. However, to book an expert opinion, it is not necessary that you have or open a PayPal account. PayPal also offers the SEPA direct debit procedure as well as payment via debit or credit card as payment methods.
  • We require your current medical reports and findings (e.g. doctor's letters, laboratory or pathology findings) in German or English. In addition, you have the option of sending us your radiological images that relate to your current request (e.g. X-ray images, MRI or CT images). Please make sure that the written documents are in PDF format. Unfortunately, we cannot process other file formats. Please name your files to be transmitted according to the following format: Type_Last_Name_First_Name_Date of Birth (e.g. "Arztbrief_Mustermann_Max_2020-11-26.pdf")
  • As a rule, the preparation of an expert opinion takes approx. 4 weeks due to bottlenecks. You will receive an e-mail notification as soon as the expert opinion is available in your samedi patient account.
* fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory
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