Video Consultation

Many of our clinics and outpatient departments offer video consultation hours. These are particularly suitable in the case of chronic illnesses with long treatment histories as well as for pre- and post-treatment consultations, e.g. for diagnostic examinations or surgeries. Especially if you want to avoid a longer travel or waiting times, treatment by video consultation can be a welcome alternative to an appointment in the clinic. The video consultation service of Charité complies with current security standards and is certified for data protection. If you are interested in a video consultation, please contact your doctor for scheduling an appointment. You will find the option of booking video consultation hours on the websites of the individual clinics of the Charité.

In four steps to the video consultation

  1. You can book appointments for video consultations online on the websites of the clinics and outpatient departments of the Charité. To do this, you need an Internet-enabled device with a microphone and camera, a web browser, and an e-mail address.

  2. After successful booking you will receive an appointment confirmation by e-mail with the link to the video consultation.

  3. To start the video consultation, click on the link in the e-mail shortly before the appointment. You have now entered the virtual waiting room. The doctor will be notified of your presence.

  4. The video consultation is started by the doctor.

Video consultations are currently organized independently at the clinic level. In the context of setting up the patient portal, appointment booking will be made available here in the future.

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